Diala Brisly: Illustrator, Courageous Refugee

rescue, 14.06. 2021

Diala Brisly is an artist, activist and refugee. Forced to flee Syria in 2013 and now resettled in France, Diala uses her art both to confront her own trauma and to defend the human rights of others. This commitment has led her to create work supporting a women’s hunger strike in Syria and to host artistic workshops in refugee camps. Today, she runs art therapy workshops for children affected by war.

Syrian Artist Diala Brisly, Painting for the Future of Syria’s Children

Sweden and the Middle East Views, 27.02.2017

Syrian artist Diala Brisly have been working from Beirut, Lebanon, painting mainly for and with Syria’s children, inside and outside of Syria, to provide them some hope for the future.

Diala Brisly, the guardian artist of Syria’s children

THE NEW ARAB, 20.06.2017

A year ago, artist Diala Brisly was painting murals inside the tents of Syrian refugees in Lebanon to help children forget about the war. Now she resides in Pélissanne, a picturesque village in Provence, southeastern France, so quiet that few French people have ever heard of it.

Au Liban, Diala Brisly met l’art au service des enfants réfugiés syriens

TV5MONDE, 20.10.2016

Âgée de 36 ans, Diala Brisly est arrivée au Liban, en 2014, de Turquie où elle avait fui sa Syrie natale. Aujourd’hui, l’illustratrice et animatrice propose d’aider les enfants syriens, échoués dans les campements du Liban, à surmonter les horreurs de la guerre.

Syrian artist draws hope for children refugees


Diala Brisly is a Syrian painter who decided to paint on the walls of schools and tents in a refugee camp in Lebanon, bringing joy and hope back to the children and helping them enjoy their schools.

Art pour la paix: elle cherche à redonner espoir aux enfants syriens

sputnik France, 20.03.2016

La Syrie, souffrant d’un conflit armé qui dure déjà depuis des années, attend la paix et une nouvelle vie. L’essentiel, c’est un avenir calme et heureux qui semble être pourtant trop éloigné d’aujourd’hui. La Syrie a besoin de cet avenir en premier lieu pour ses enfants qui devront plus tard recréer leur pays.

Diala Brisly: Paintings of hope for Syria’s children

BBC News, 19.03.2016

Artist Diala Brisly fled Syria in 2013. She now lives in Beirut but she’s well known inside Syria for her work on a children’s magazine that, amazingly, is still printed and distributed inside the country. Here’s her story in her own words, followed by some examples of her work.

Syrian art flourishes in exile

DW, 06.06.2014

Civil war has ravaged not only Syria’s ancient cultural treasures, but also dampened the current arts scene. Nevertheless, Syrian artist Diala Brisly says her country’s art scene is flourishing more than ever – in exile.
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